Water and Sewer Billing Schedule
 -On due dates that our office is closed, we accept payments as "on time" until 5:00 PM the next working day including the drop box. 
 -On due dates that our office is open we accept payments in our office until 5:00 PM and in the drop box by 8:00 AM the following morning.
 -For your convenience a drop box is located outside the east entrance to the Township building, by Taxes.
Water and Sewer Rates (determined on September 2nd, 2017):
Water rates are listed below:

Monthly Readiness to Serve Charge:
5/8 inch meter - $30.00
3/4 inch meter - $38.50
1 inch meter - $60.00
1 1/2 inch meter - $113.50
2 inch meter - $175.00
3 inch meter - $372.00
4 inch meter - $535.00
6 inch meter - $1,060.00
8 inch meter - $1,710.00
10 inch meter - $2,560.00
12 inch meter - $4,575.00
Irrigation meters will be charged a maximum readiness to serve of $31.00.

Usage fee:
All water customers will be charged $6.00 per 100 cubic feet of usage in addition to their monthly readiness to serve charge.

Sewer rates are listed below:

Customers who are served by water, which is metered, the monthly sewer shall be computed at a rate of $1.92 per hundred cubic feet.  Additionally, there shall be a minimum monthly readiness to serve charge of $21.45 for the first unit and $4.67 for each additional unit.  Where the premises is not served by water, the monthly charge shall be at a rate of $31.00 per month.