2022 Beautification / Streetscape Flower Project

The Vienna Township Business Development Authority (BDA) will be accepting proposals through November 8, 2021 for the 2022 Beautification/Streetscape Flower project. 

Interested parties may submit their proposals meeting the following requirements:

1.  Must be an entity that can supply annual flowers, plant flowers, and fill flower beds with mulch (depth of mulch must be included in proposal).  Click here for a map with locations of flower beds. 

2.  Flower beds must be planted by May 15, 2022.

3.  Entity must provide liability insurance adding the Vienna BDA as additional insured.  Proof of property and worker's compensation insurance must be provided as well. 

4.  Sealed proposals must be delivered to the Vienna Township BDA by November 8, 2021 at 12 pm at 11364 N Linden Rd, Suite K, Clio, MI 48420 or PO Box 129, Clio, MI titled 2022 Beautification/Streetscape Flower Project.  Please include contractor name.  They will be reviewed (this is not a public opening) and the Vienna Township BDA will consider the proposals most encompassing its goals and work to specifications.  Late proposals will not be accepted. 

5.  Questions regarding this request must be directed to Suzanne Maxwell at Suzanne@viennatwpbda.com or 810-686-3460.

You can find the Packet here