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Clear Genesee Water

The Genesee County Community Water Quality Consortium is a collection of municipalities, school districts, county organizations, and non-profits charged with overseeing the “Our Water” public education activities. This team is committed to keeping our water clean by bringing awareness, providing public education, and promoting stewardship on ways to prevent stormwater pollution. For more information on the participating organizations.

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Illicit Discharge Information: 

How to Spot Illicit Discharge


Know what to report and who to contact.

An illicit discharge is any discharge containing polluting material, such as sediment, nutrients, oil, and bacteria. These discharges can drain to lakes and streams via storm drains. The communities in Southeast Michigan are required to prevent illicit discharge from entering stormwater. You can do your part by notifying the appropriate agency when you spot a potential illicit discharge.

For more information on Illicit Discharge, please visit Clear Genesee Water by visiting here