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Supervisor:  Joseph A. Rizk
Phone:  810-564-7070
Fax:  810-686-8856
Email:  jrizk@viennatwp.com

The Supervisor is the presiding and executive officer of the Township Board of Trustees and spokesperson for the township.  There are many duties (Link provided will take you out of The Charter Township of Vienna website.) of the Township Supervisor.  Any public infrastructure improvements, such as drain, roads, or sewers are overseen by the Supervisor with the County's assistance.

This Office also handles Special Assessment District projects and conducts public hearings on such petitioned improvements.  Any federal or state funding is sought by this Office for township projects along with special projects utilizing Community Development Block Grants.

The Supervisor prepares and administers the annual budget and keeps the Board of Trustees informed of financial conditions with recommendations.  The Supervisor is responsible for the efficient operation of all township departments and serves as the moderator for Board meetings.  This Office also sees that all contracts or franchises agreements are followed and acts as the township's legal agent for transacting business or lawsuits.

As chief assessor by state law, the Supervisor oversees a level three Assessor who assesses both business and residential property.  The Supervisor is also the secretary on the Board of Review.

The Supervisor sees that all ordinances and codes are enforced by the Building Official, who reports to the Supervisor.

Yearly committee and commission appointments are made by the Supervisor with Board of Trustees approval on all committees and most commissions.  If you are interested in serving, submit a resume or cover letter to jrizk@viennatwp.com.