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Water and Sewer Billing Schedule
 -On due dates that our office is closed, we accept payments as "on time" until 5:00 PM the next working day including the drop box. 
 -On due dates that our office is open we accept payments in our office until 5:00 PM and in the drop box by 8:00 AM the following morning.
 -For your convenience a drop box is located outside the east entrance to the Township building, by Taxes.
Water and Sewer Rates (determined on January 10, 2022):
Water rates are listed below:

Monthly Readiness to Serve Charge:
5/8 inch meter - $30.00                   3/4 inch meter - $38.50              1 inch meter - $60.00         
1 1/2 inch meter - $113.50             2 inch meter - $175.00               3 inch meter - $372.00
4 inch meter - $535.00                     6 inch meter - $1,060.00            8 inch meter - $1,710.00
10 inch meter - $2,560.00               12 inch meter - $4,575.00
Irrigation meters will be charged a maximum readiness to serve of $31.00.

Water Usage fee:
All water customers will be charged $6.00 per 100 cubic feet of usage in addition to their monthly readiness to serve charge.

Sewer rates are listed below:
Where the premises are served by water, which is metered, the monthly charge shall be based upon water consumption and shall be computed at a rate of $2.32 per hundred cubic feet.  Additionally, there shall be a minimum monthly readiness to serve charge of $25.95 for the first unit and $5.70 for each additional unit.

Where the premises is not served by water, which is metered, the monthly charge shall be at a rate of $38.00 per month.

Sewer Discharge Permit:
Vienna Township requires a sewer discharge inspection prior to closing on any residence connected to the public sewer.  This inspection must be done prior to closing.  This inspection can normally be performed within 24 to 48 hours of request.  A $50 fee is required to cover the cost of the inspection and must be paid in advance of the inspection.  Any violation found must be corrected within 10 days.  Any questions on this inspection, please call 810-686-7676.

Water Shutoff for Extended Period:
When going away for an extended period and would like your water shut off, you must come in to the Township Office and fill out the request form.  When you are returning and want the water turned back on, you must call at least 1 week in advance of the date of turn on.