Genesee County Home Improvement and Urgent Repair Program


Urgent Repair Program

The program was created to fill the need for homeowners with urgent component replacement needs in a quicker timeframe.

What qualifies as an Urgent Repair?

  • Roof Replacement (may include gutters and chimney)
  • Water (well replacement or municipal water hookup)
  • HVAC (furnace Replacement utilizing Helping Neighbors)
  • Septic (replacement of failed systems)

 How does the Program Work?

  • Homeowner applies through GCMPC’s website at
  • If the application is approved, a GCMPC Rehab Inspector will visit the property to assess the situation
  • If the Inspector determines that the project can be completed within the parameters of the Program, the project will be bid out to a list of pre-approved Contractors
  • Urgent repair applications are given priority over the HIP applications (whole-home repairs)

How does the loan work?

  • This is a deferred payment loan – no payments, no interest
  • A lien is placed against the property to secure the loan
  • This is not a cash loan – GCMPC pays the Contractor directly
  • The loan is paid back when the client sells the home / transfers ownership / vacates the property
  • Funding for these loans comes from the County’s annual allocation from HUD

Who qualifies and how do you apply?

  • Must be the owner / occupier for a year
  • Low to moderate income household
  • Taxes / mortgage / insurance must be paid current
  • Can only participate in HIP or Urgent Repair Program once

Apply at and click on the “Improving Communities/Housing” tab